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Tunde Olaniran and Gold House present: “The Second Transgression,” installment number two of a five-part series, is the visual companion to Tunde Olaniran’s EP of the same name. Songs “Kill or Be Killed” and “Sun Goes Down” serve as aural landscape for this experimental short about creation, preservation and destruction in the rituals that play out between lovers, communities, and institutions.

Written and Performed by: Tunde Olaniran
Director/ Cinematographer/ Editor: Natasha Beste
Produced by: Tunde Olaniran and Gold House
Key Grip: Kevin Eckert
Set Desgin: Xiaopo Wang
Costume Director: Christina Tomlinson
Makeup and Hair Design: Saryne Byers
Production Assistant: Lisa Essett
Production Assistant: Madeline Greenwalt
Production Assistant: Justin McField
Dancers/ Guardian Warrior #1: Emma Davis
Dancers/ Guardian Warrior #2: Candice Symone
Evil Twin (Male): Alberto Perez
Evil Twin (Female): Gracia Johnson
Monster in the mirror: Michael Charles Patrick Jr
Special thanks to: The Furniture Factory, Detroit

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