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The second music video Gold House produced with artist Tunde Olaniran for his song “User Manual” Featuring Miz Korona from his EP The First Transgression. This may qualify as the first video produced entirely within a fog cloud. We even fogged the editing suite while we were doing post production, which in hindsight may have been unnecessary.

Director/ Cinematographer/ Editor: Natasha Beste
Assistant Director: Kevin Eckert
Produced by: Tunde Olaniran and Gold House
Production Coordinator: Tunde Olaniran
Hair and Makeup by: Saryn
Costumes by: Christina Tomlinson
Location/Catering: Madeline Greenwalt
Production Assistance by: Lisa Essett and Justin McField
Performances by: Candice Symone, Amanda Sheehy, Gracia Johnson, and Miz Korona