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Living Arts - Spark the Imagination

Living Arts exists to strengthen the urban neighborhoods of Southwest Detroit by cultivating an environment that sparks the imagination and fosters ingenuity through the arts and community development initiatives.

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Arlow Xan - Sun Goes Rising

Cowboy guitar sounds and mythological lunar futurism unite in this 1970’s science fiction tableau.

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Tunde Olaniran - KYBM

KYBM is a triumphant tribute to movement featuring Detroit performers from all schools of dance.

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Warhorses - Burning Desire

A smoky and macabre detour through a world of back-alley seances and disembodied hands. Nominated for Best Video by the Detroit Music Awards.

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Odd Hours - SWTS

90’s dusty rose decor, smeared lipstick and make-up, voodoo dolls, and good and bad wishes build the vibe for Odd Hours’ SWTS.

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Gold House is a full service video production company run by media artists Natasha Beste and Kevin Eckert.


We provide video production, post-production, motion graphics, design, and consulting services to a wide range of clients. We’ve worked on projects with many Detroit-based non-profit organizations such as Kresge Arts in Detroit, Living Arts, Bridging Communities Inc., and the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit.

Our music video production work has been aired by MTV Networks and features music acts like Tunde Olaniran, the Koffin Kats, and The Mizzerables.

Gold House works harmoniously with our clients to create an exceptional, striking final product that everyone involved in the process can be proud of. Let us bring your ideas to the world with the expert treatment they deserve.

Their technical artistry and creativity combined with their people skills allowed our program students, parents and staff to show beyond doubt how Living Arts transforms students, classrooms and communities.  We premiered the video at our “Spark the Imagination” fund-raising breakfast with great results. Thank you, Gold House! Cara Graninger

Living Arts

They’re so creative and just talented, and they understand what the artist wants, you know? We gave her [Natasha] some ideas and she was able to just take it and run with it. When it was done, they showed it to us and we were just thrilled.

Kristin Lyn


Gold House was incredible to work with. Both Natasha and Kevin, they’re great communicators, they’re constantly in touch throughout the project. They can really make your vision come to life, but also make something that’s completely their own at the same time.

Matthew Daher


We have had fans mention to us that they could not picture any other video for that song. If you’re looking to release a professional quality music video, and work with some down to Earth awesome people, we certainly recommend Gold House! Zac Victor

Koffin Kats

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